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New Mexico State Auditor Brian S. Colón

Brian was raised in Los Lunas, Bosque Farms and Albuquerque, New Mexico by his parents Rafael and Shelly Colón. He started school at Mission Elementary in Albuquerque where he credits his 1st and 2nd-grade teacher, Sharon Swallows, as the person who put him on the right path. He has said: “I’ve never forgotten her. My love of learning and educational success was built on the foundation she set.”

When Brian was a child, his father struggled with Muscular Dystrophy and finding ways to support his wife and three children. Like so many New Mexicans, he created his own opportunities. He founded a flea market in Los Lunas with then 10-year-old Brian by his side constructing wooden stalls for the vendors and assisting him at the market on weekends. Although he lost his father when he was only 18, Brian learned the value of hard work and the sustaining power of an optimistic attitude from him. He also hasn’t forgotten the many adults who – along the way – provided the crucial support and guidance that can change the course of a young person’s life.

The first in his family to go to college, Brian received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from New Mexico State University—where he was Vice President of the Student Body–and went on to receive his law degree from the University of New Mexico School of Law and serve as Graduate & Professional Student Body President. He has practiced law since 2001, worked at Robles, Rael & Anaya since 2006, but his top priority has always been to give back to his community.

Evenings and weekends are spent helping local cultural and community-focused nonprofits raise money to support their causes or meeting with the young men and women he is mentoring. Brian has been called a “force in fundraising” because he is able to inspire others to get involved. Not only has he supported dozens of organizations but, within days after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, he launched the ABQ 5K for Boston event that raised $47,000 for the victims.

Although fundraising has been a passion “mentoring young people,” says Colón “is very personal. I know – first-hand – the difference it can make. I know that it can strengthen our community, our state, and the nation if young people are supported on their journey to becoming the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.”

Brian’s involvement in politics formally began when, in 2008, he was elected Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. In 2010, he ran for Lieutenant Governor where he won a heavily competitive 5-way state primary election.

Brian has been married to Aleli Colón for 20 years. Aleli has a background in Civil Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and teaches students at Van Buren Middle School in the International District. Their son, Rafael – a graduate of Albuquerque High School – is now a freshman on scholarship, studying Biomedical Engineering at George Washington University. His sister, Cheryl Colón, recently moved to Albuquerque with her wife Angela to be close to Brian and his family.