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Tim’s priorities for the Office of the State Auditor are the following: 

  • Fight Fraud, Waste and Abuse: Safeguard our tax dollars and confront problems that can impact important public programs, contracts or bonding.  Enhance Special Investigation Division operations and push entities receiving public funds to put in place appropriate internal financial control mechanisms to help deter fraud, waste or abuse from occurring in the first place.
  • Enhance Compliance Support for “At Risk” Entities: Help entities designated as “at risk” due to delays in financial audit reporting come in to compliance by providing additional support and pushing for more resources for statewide audit services.
  • Establish a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) to assess the effectiveness of state programs and whether public funds are being used wisely and are not subject to waste, fraud or abuse. The office will address issues of racial and health equity to drive compliance for the equitable and efficient distribution of financial resource, especially with respect to vulnerable populations around the state.
  • Annual Audit Accountability.  Integration of the annual audit processes for development of an annual financial health report card to track Audit finding and progress toward improvements year
  • Productive Relationship with Audit Community. Create set of informal advisory committees to provide avenues for two-way feedback and input to continually improve the public audit process and advise on its effectiveness. The quality and timeliness of our public audit system can be tied to the ability of the OSA and approved contractors to work well together.
  • Refine and Strengthen OSA Processes: Continue to improve the Audit Rule, Tiered System, Contractor Approval process, Corrective Action process and Agreed-Upon Procedures to further strengthen their effectiveness.